St.Bede's Anglican Church

Some functions

Children’s time:

A short presentation made from time to time for children in the 9am Sunday service, at St Bede’s. This is a way of presenting Bible stories to our young children, and is followed by a craft activity.

Learning New songs of Praise and Worship

We plan to meet Every Sunday at 8:45 am to learn New songs in the form of Praise and Worship before we begin our Eucharist Service.

Lay Minister's Group

Lay Ministers are licensed to administer the bread and wine during communion, and assist the parish priest in pastoral duties. This group meets from time to time for fellowship, learning and planning for worship.

Welcomers and Sides-people:

At the door to church services you are greeted and welcomed by Welcomers and Sides-people. Apart from welcome, these people also fulfil a number of other vital duties before, during and after services in Church. They are there to assist those attending. The activities of the group are overseen by the priest and a roster coordinator. Contact the Parish Office if you would like to go on the Welcomers and Sides-people roster.

Reader's Group & Intercessors

Some members of the congregation are on a roster to read or to say Intercessions at the Sunday services. Let us know if you would like to be on one of these rosters.